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Your games never disappointed me. I really like you guys style. 


cool game! kinda creeped out by activision (esp when he said "hey there, stranger". that caught me off guard tbh). the ending was weird as all hell but your voice acting was pretty great in that. and i spotted glassy!


the gay tony hawk we all needed . . . thank you . . 


a plus ost btw. better than broadway. hope ur leg heals up good bud xD


god i loved that ur so spectacular. fucking love how not even esc would work thx for that djfsldkfjlkfjglkaj

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This was a lot of fun. Super weird lol. That ending was wild.


I’m a recent grad game developer who spent my first week of quarantine making this game with my best friend (in lieu of a graduation). I recently broke my leg skateboarding so it’s been fun making a game that is probably more fantasy than I originally intended. I hope it makes you laugh in these trying times.