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In Cybermonk, a player controls the monk to defend the four spires. Each of these spires is being targeted by waves of exploding enemies which can be redirected using the monk's powers.

 Cybermonk is focused on dual purpose design. Each of the enemies can be used as a projectile against the other enemies to create large chain explosions. However, the monk has limited powers and must recharge by entering the proximity of a live spire.  His power also affects his own movement; if the player charges the power for a long time it will push the monk in the opposite direction once released. If at least one spire is alive after defending against multiple enemy waves, the monk is successful! 

This game was created by Dan, Ed, Mikhail, Matthew, and Michael as a submission to the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam of 2017.


Use of a gamepad (Xbox controller, PS controller, etc.) is strongly recommended. The left thumb-stick (or keys WASD) moves the monk and the right thumb-stick (or keys IJKL) controls his powers. Alt-F4 to exit.

This game is Windows compatible.








Cybermonk.zip 33 MB

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