i built the walls using probuilder 
i made the music using audiotool and my mouth

i was inspired by how, when you're running out of space,
you can use it differently

this simple puzzle game explores that concept

right now it's more actiony than puzzley

if i were to grow this into a full game,
i would like to setup a method to auto generate obstacles

for amy, a good tetris player 
and really good girlfriend


Download source: https://bit.ly/2OqT1Of

Download windows: https://bit.ly/2P2NJcH


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Stop patronizing me nice try man


This is great. I like the words of encouragement whe you get it in. The webgl build seems a bit laggy on my computer, I recommend a downloadable build if possible.

Thanks for making this, we had a blast chatting it up while playing ^_^


i love you.